It All Began With The Dragon's Breath

So It Begins
First Session

The journey begins as Zuron of Spira, Dean & Nameless Halfling who hail from the spired city of Bebluff, and Varis of the Elven forests follow different motivations that carry them towards the village of Fiham that sits on the south rim of the Sea of Arpes.

Even though they traveled from different directions each separately encountered a weary, older human male laying distressed on the side of the road. After aiding the weary traveler they were each rewarded with a deed for partial ownership of an Inn located in the town of Fiham that the man had claimed he was traveling to claim, and thanked before he returned the way he came.

Upon arriving in Fiham they discover the Dragon’s Breath Inn to be in shambles, and to have several thugs & bandits to be it’s current residents (and “owners.”) After defeating all but one of the bandits, and taking the remaining foe prisoner they rest inside the Dragon’s Breath before deciding their next step.


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